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Bedroom Pop songwriter palmboy releases new single 'antisocial'!

Indie Pop songwriter palmboy’s latest single ‘antisocial’ is typical of his slick sonic style, filled with a dreamy electronic textures and instantly catchy vocal melodies that will cast a sunshine glow on your day. The track embraces being alone, almost acting as an introvert anthem, singing in the face of social pressures and telling a romantic tale of wanting to only spend your time with that one special person.

Sonically, the track is wonderfully produced so that every element has a warm aura, with the drums and tangled guitar lines both offering vibrant coastal tones whilst also radiating a cosy energy thanks to the soft finesse on the production. These guitar lines add a constant layer melodic interest underneath the leading vocal lines that steal the show.

This is pure, catchy bedroom pop at its finest as sunny melodies, lamenting lyrics and rich coastal tones blend together beautifully.


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