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Norway's Surf Rock noisemakers JOYLESS return with infectious new single 'Figure It Out'!

One of our favourite Scandi newcomers has to be JOYLESS, the Surf Rock outfit who produce music full of power, energy, angst and euphoria to produce an infectiously intense mangle of emotive noise.

Taking head from American Punk-influenced artists such as FIDLAR, they blur the line between refined, sunny melodies and grimey Punk energy. This is abundantly clear in their new single 'Figure It Out' which offers some dark lyricism and aggresive deliveries in places while the chorus is undeniably joyous, radiating a care-free summer roadtrip atmosphere.

The carefully balanced guitar lines are immediately striking, with one providing a growling, high-octane underbelly to the track, and the other offering a bright Indie hook that instantly grabs your attention. This is a perfect early indication of the semantic contrast that the song brings. The vocal style has that wonderfully passionate and fuzzy Surf tone while the drums pump the track with an unrelenting rhythm.

This is one for letting of steam, tackling your troubles head on and coming out the side smiling! Another super-fun anthem from one of Norway's best new acts.

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