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Northern Rock outfit Low Hummer return with sharp-witted new single 'Panic Calls'

Six-piece Alt-Rock outfit Low Hummer are back with a sharp-witted new single 'Panic Calls'. Formed in Hull by singer and guitarist Daniel Mawer, the band have had a busy year playing shows and festivals, most notably SXSW in Austin, Texas.

After releasing their debut album 'Modern Tricks For Living' in 2021 with much success, and following on from their March single 'Talk Shows', which is similar in tone, 'Panic Calls' is a wry and humorous track. With a fun, hooky guitar and bouncy drums, the song certainly an ear wormer. Singer Aimee Duncan’s slightly spoken singing style is endlessly enjoyable to listen to, and the songwriting is frank and introspective, topped with the dryness of bands such as Wet Leg, with lines like “I want more from this life/It seems nice on the outside”.

Speaking on the track, Aimee Duncan said: “There was a sort of conversation floating in the air that inspired the lyrics of Panic Calls. Dan and I wrote as though we were trying to ring crisis lines; the discourse of the song shifts between us trying to explain our feelings, then always being met with generic, automated responses. The intention was to sort of mirror the futility of mental health support and hopefully show how relatable that issue is".

And that they did. During the bridge, Duncan sings, or rather, speaks: “Late night panic calls/Calm voice on the phone” most of us can relate, I’m sure. Lively and chaotic, 'Panic Calls' further proves what an exciting band Low Hummer are.


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