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Mina Roth releases powerful new Pop Rock single 'FINE (not a love song)'!

Mina Roth’s new single ‘FINE (not a love song)’ breathes with a captivating command from the very first few seconds. Her vocals are instantly striking as they radiate a powerful and poignant tone, capturing the swooping cinematic quality of Lana Del Rey, moments of raw power that ring of Miley Cyrus and that refined modern female Rock twang that newer artists such as GAYLE, Crawlers and Destroy Boys offer.

The new track is not one that simply uses verses to build tension, set the atmosphere or provide a more gentle vibe to contrast the chorus. Every single line is delivered with a passionate utterance that makes you want to grab the nearest hairbrush and start singing along! The early stages really showcase her vocals and lyrical expressions as the gritty stripped back guitar sound simply provides some moody background texture allowing focus to centre on Mina’s voice.

However, a pounding drum rhythm enters the fray later on and builds to an anthemic finale minute or so that is stadium-ready! Vocal brilliance, shattering, poignant instrumentation and a fantastic final barrage of fast-paced lyrical flows that drive home the song’s emotive impact all create one hell of a single! Definitely a songwriter you need to be keeping an eye on.


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