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Miles Horn - Hardest Fight

It is often underappreciated how much songwriting craft is needed to conjur the emotive tones that Miles Horn seems to find so easy. The London based singer-songwriter creates soundscapes fit for you favourite tear jerking films as well as your coastal roadtrips. His latest release 'Follow Me In Love' is a captivating solo performance, as f you have stumbled across a late night open mic and found something special. The layered vocals build slowly and result in an atmospheric swell that could soundtrack your life's most poignant moments.

However, it is his earlier track 'Hardest Fight' which really caught our attention. This track carries more force and honesty with its ever-growing energy. Each line lands more tense than the last as if the lyrics can feel what sound is about to come. The track develops into an uplifting culmination filled with powerful drums, provoking piano chords and of course, his heartfelt vocals at the forefront. If you need a sound to transform your daily life into an emotional motion picture then Miles Horn has all you need.


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