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May Payne releases beautifully cinematic debut EP 'Sane'!

The EP is full of captivating vocal performances that are, at times, gentle and delicate, and at other times raw and powerful. Mix in some wonderfully cinematic, romantic and emotive instrumental arrangements and you've got yourself a really rich sonic journey that you can get lost in!

The title track 'Sane' really showcases May's songwriting ability as the track waxes and wains between a song clearly written late at night in her bedroom and a song that will make you want to sing it from the rooftops. It's gut-wrenchingly intimate and feels fit for the main character's big solo in the next big Disney hit. You will feel your emotions swelling more and more by every second and just when you think the track has faded it arrives for one final passionate finale! An incredible vocal performance backed by a cinematic arrangement of swopping string sections and deep piano notes makes for a track that is so rich and fulfilling.

The first, 'Take It Too', is a wonderfully intimate and immersive ballad filled with gentle piano notes and warm acoustic lines that make you feel like you are right their in the room with May, the perfect soundtrack to contemplating life in your bedroom. The rich, piano-led track 'I Hate It When You Touch Me' particularly connected with fans thanks to the relatable vulnerability of the subject matter. Once again, her vocals are so unfiltered yet so pure and being so forward in the mix they feel like they are being sung right next to you.

Most recently, May released 'Between The Lines', the most instrumentally bright and expressive of the three tracks. It highlights her ability to inject a little more R&B swagger into her music. Her vocals are as melodic and smooth as ever but they push further into the higher regions of emotive expression. She breaks out of the insular intimacy and uses the slick instrumental swing, which ends in a huge finale, to bolster this effect. It's a wonderful new addition to her discography which shows the other sides of her sonic pallet while still offering her trademark poignancy.


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