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Marlene Larsen teases debut EP with poignant new single 'I Said I'm Fine'!

Marlene Larsen is an artist all about feeling. She transforms her innermost feelings into expressive Rock ballads filled with soul. Based in Lyon, France, Marlene has just released her new single ‘I Said I’m Fine’ taken from her debut EP. She describes the track as “a slow burner and an intoxicating one at that” and it is safe to say that the anthemic crescendo of the track is not one that you can forget easily!

Beginning with gliding, lo-fi guitars and a steady, pacing drum pattern, all focus in centred on Marlene’s blissful vocal layers. She switches up her delivery between smooth melodic lines and whispered spoken vocals that create a conversational tone and feel purely authentic, enhancing their emotive impact as you believe that she feels every word she says. The sentiments are heartbreaking, based on the idea of persistently trying to convince people you're fine and perhaps convincing yourself along the way. Yet, the impact of Marlene’s deep, powerful vocal patterns in the chorus are empowering. They rise in intensity line on line and gradually actually do make you feel fine as they have an uplifting passion to them.

However, if this more understated vocal-centric atmosphere isn’t enough to evoke deep emotion inside you then the shattering climax of the track certainly will. Marlene’s vocals are still soft and smooth yet injected with even more of her poignant power as the instrumentals completely lift themselves, creating a dense swirling texture of Rock sounds. This contrast is comparable to the angelic angst of Wolf Alice and is truly absorbing.

Look out for Marlene’s EP as it is sure to stir you from start to finish!


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