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Mancunian Indie heavyweights Corella return with singalong anthem ‘Don’t Stop Me’!

Mancunian indie heavyweights Corella have returned with yet another new bright, singalong anthem! Their new single ‘Don’t Stop Me’ combines sounds of Sundara Karma, Vistas and Sam Fender to produce a soaring sound filled with energetic intensity and emotive power.

The track’s artwork shows a mosh pit from one of their recent live shows and this is a fitting image to represent the track as it wastes no times in bursting into a huge, dance worthy sound. It builds tension briefly with a rumbling bass line and fast paced drum roll as the song puts its ignitions on and gets ready to launch into the fun!

The verses are punchy, with a very thick production making every element really pop out with a force. Yet, there is also room for some very passionate and meaningful vocals to shine through carrying that raw, gritty edge that gives them a very authentic emotive intensity.

The chorus is a euphoric explosion of indie noise, with layers of bright guitar melodies backed by a thumping drum beat and expansive vocals that give you two choice; either sing your heart out or dive into the crowd and get dancing!

This track is so much fun, an instant must-add to any indie playlist, and is yet another example of why Corella are one of the biggest indie hit makers out there.

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