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Manchester Punks Velma return with angst-ridden single 'Don't Wanna See You Again'!

Manchester duo Velma create blood-curdling Punk outbursts to inject you with an angst-fuelled spirit of rebellion. Their newest single 'Don't Wanna See You Again' wastes no time in getting started, bursting open with a pounding bass drum and menacing riff that is packed full of tension.

The chorus then opens up as the drums bring an intentionally scrappy, basement Punk energy and the vocals spit out lyrics with venom, almost making you feel as if they're aimed directly at you.

The rhythm of the riff constantly changes up quickly in the style of Bad Nerves while the overall tone remains raucous and intense throughout, never giving you a moment to breathe. A short and sharp introduction to an exciting Punk newcomers.


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