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  • Jamie Griffiths

Manchester Indie outfit Little Strange release new single 'I Get By'!

Running on the back of the success of their single ‘Before’, after a brief hiatus, the Manchester band Little Strange have just released their new single entitled ‘I Get By’. They have gained both a cult following from their live performances, having supported bands like Working Men’s Club, as well as notable attention with their previous single ‘Holy Rigmarole’, which was played on BBC Radio One’s Future Alternative show.

The new track combines Garage with modern day Rock and Roll. Classic Rock riffs, licks and distorted guitar tones mean there’s no slowing down with this track. It starts off with a crunchy, Led Zeppelin type riff pervading the song with a psychedelic feeling throughout. That psychedelic feeling is further pushed by an awesome slider guitar solo giving the track a combination of Rock and Country. Towards the end, a slightly ominous feeling lingers as the piercing guitar draws the track to a wonderful close.

There is a clear hint of retro influences from artists such as The Beatles and T. Rex in this single as well as notes of fellow Blues Rock troubadours The Black Keys, so dive in and inudlge in their vintage Rock sounds.


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