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Luca Wilding - Heartachers

Words from @isadxra_x

London-born Luca Wilding released his haunting single ‘Heartachers’ on June 12th via Abbey Records and has garnered critical acclaim for his powerful yet vulnerable debut.

Premiered by Atwood Magazine back in May, ‘Heartachers’ was billed as a brilliant introduction to singer-songwriter Luca Wilding. Described as a “song for the voiceless”, it is a heart-wrenching exploration of the complications that arise when love and mental illness collide. Since its release to streaming platforms on Friday, the track has been met with well-deserved praise and the music industry is intrigued by the introspective musings of Luca Wilding.

‘Heartachers’ begins as a slow, sombre folk ballad. The gentle plucking of an electric guitar accompanies Wilding’s raw vocals; he’s not too distant from a Tom O’Dell sound. It is simple, yet effective: the stripped back instrumentals allow Wilding’s lyrics to speak for themselves. Meticulously crafted lines such as “I saw the hole in your harlequin soul/Where the sweetness dripped out at the seams” paint a picture of the pain that comes with experiencing mental illness, and when trying to support a loved one through it.

Then, halfway through, the song shifts. A few moments of silence are followed by a strong beat that radiates positivity. The latter half of the song becomes an acceptance of losing what once was, a goodbye note to the past and a beacon of hope for the future. The additional instrumental layer cleverly marks the shift in mood and makes ‘Heartachers’ a polished and incredibly moving single.

Speaking about his debut release , Wilding explained it was inspired by a friend’s struggle with poor mental health: “At its heart… the song tells the simple story of trying to love someone through all their pain and despite their sadness; it is about beginning to let go of what was”. He is a gifted storyteller, whose talent shines through his delicate handling of a difficult subject matter. ‘Heartachers’ will leave you aching for more Luca Wilding.

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