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Lizzie Esau releases another Indie stomper, 'Impossible + Strange'!

Newcastle’s Lizzie Esau is an Indie dream and she’s taking the UK by storm. She matches clever lyrical conceits with breezy melodies that will have you singing along in no time. Her smooth yet powerful vocal style has a slick command and adds a beautiful finesse to her punchy bangers, the latest of which being 'Impossible + Strange'.

This new single is perhaps her most mature and well crafted track to date, showcasing. Opening as an acoustic performance, highlighting the haunting beauty of Lizzie's vocals, deep piano chords and a suspenseful electronic hum enter the fray, hinting and the darker undertones of the track.

The song then bursts open into the anthemic chorus! The catchy vocal harmonies have an angelic yet eery quality while the drums have a power that turns the track into a mosh pit worthy experience.

What works so well in this track is the switch up between acoustic and electric guitar lines. The biggest moments have a thick Rock riff in them while the acoustic sound often returns in the pre-chorus to lull you into a false sense of security before exploding once again.

There's equal parts angst, heartache, anger and euphoria in this track. Any fans of HotWax, Wolf Alice or Black Honey will love this track!


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