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Liverpool Indie Pop songwriter Hannah Weedall releases new single 'Changes'!

Cradling a delicate balance between the tender acoustic lilt of Indie Folk and the blood-pumping hooks that circulate within the vessels of mainstream Indie Rock, Hannah Weedall deserves her songs to be belted in front of hoarse stadiums. With this newest single, she stakes her claim to becoming a modern messenger of raw balladry. 

The incisive, propulsive ‘Changes’ brews a melting pot of hints at classic artists, carefully stuck together with a glue of earnest originality. There’s a little of the rolling acerbic guitar of peak ‘70s Fleetwood Mac; the coruscating soul of Florence and the Machine or Laura Veirs; and even a dash of Tom Petty’s gleaming, melancholic heartland rock. 

What holds these nods in place is resoundingly current. Weedall explores the ever-present threats of anxiety and the stress of present-day political and social turmoil (“no peace and quiet / no peace of mind”), not least for women, who experience even more of these strains in an acidic patriarchy. She pushes for those oppressed to take the initiative and splinter the boundaries so disgustingly pressed on them. 

All in all, the marriage of an enticing musical backdrop and rebellious communiqué makes this a song you won’t want to miss.


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