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Liverpool Indie newcomers TOY CAR return with anthemic new single 'Rat Race'!

One of our favourite newcomers from our hometown has to be the Indie noisemakers TOY CAR. Their string of singles and debut EP last year showcased their songwriting talents with songs like 'Burn The House Down' demonstrating a wonderful skill for atmospheric balance, dipping between introspective grooves and more expressive vocal deliveries. 'New' offered their most memorable melodies and showed their more lively side that comes out in a live setting. Yet, their new single 'Rat Race' sees them ramp the energy up even more and deliver an instant Indie anthem that we can't get enough of!

It is their first single they have all recorded as a band and this shines through as there's a scrappy, audible camaraderie and synergy between all members. From the very first moments of the track you are slapped awake by the fast-paced, punchy drum rhythm that is filled with an infectious Punk fire. The grumbling bass line is dark and moody and while the guitar radiates with a sharp, angsty tone, cutting through in the right moments to provide snippets of vibrant, Rock and Roll flair.

However, it is the vocals of songwriter Shaun Hough that give this track its anthemic, rebellious spirit. Each line is shouted down the mic with a true frontman's swagger that makes you wanna get up and into that moshpit, chanting the words back. There's elements of the noisy, fighting spirit of Oasis, the scrappy energy of 00s Indie and the dense, flavoursome instrumentation of modern Indie/Post-Punk bands such as Sports Team, FEET and Youth sector, a wonderful combination that should make any Indie fan excited for what is to come from these guys.


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