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Liverpool Indie-Folk songwriter Ria Hanley teases new EP with latest single 'Heart To Break'!

One of the richest voices and most emotive songwriters in the North-West is Indie Folk artist Ria Hanley. Her music has been lauded across the region, gaining countless radio plays and earning her memorable live slots across the country.

What is so striking about her voice is that she has the depth and richness of a Rock singer yet uses this power in a more delicate manner, creating poignant swooping melodies that resonate with warmth and elevate the emotive impact of her heartfelt lyricism.

Her latest single 'Heart To Break' is no different. Melancholic lyrics of troubled romance blend with a cinematic piano performance that remains relatively understated, allowing her voice to really shine.

The intro is soft and intimate, luring you into the sonic depths of her voice before the second chorus really takes things higher. Swinging instrumentation joins the show as he vocals begin to soar and produce an anthemic sound filled with passion and lament.

This is the third single in the run up to Ria's new EP, out next year, and judging by this track, it's going to be a cracker.


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