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Liverpool-based songwriter Ota Brown releases debut single 'Daydream'!

Ota Brown released her debut single ‘Daydream’ on the 21st March 2024. Born in Barcelona, her imagination is as sun-soaked as the city of her birth, with this track radiating warmth and tranquillity. The blend of guitars and smooth percussion which open the song ‘Daydream’ beautifully prepare the stage for Ota’s voice and continue throughout the song. 

Just moments into the song, you are immersed. The vocals, when they begin, sound like dipping a finger in warm honey would feel: rich, velvety, seductive. Ota expertly slides up and down the octaves without so much as a breath to punctuate her transitions. The title of the song describes the feeling it generates - ‘Daydream’ - and this word falls off her tongue with a silky finesse during every chorus.

Exposed from a young age to Jazz, Soul and Bossa nova, these genres inevitably make their way into her music and the influence of artists like Nina Simone, Sade or the Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club, is also prevalent.

If you manage to pry yourself away from the hypnotising swirl of voice and sound, the lyrics speak of something aching and profound. "My heart is trying to hold on, my head is telling me it’s just a daydream" Ota croons, conjuring that familiar longing for fantasy and escapism which haunts us all. Yet, if you sift through the intertwined notes, the song holds an empowering message too: "Something about you made me learn, I should have what I deserve". Break free from the daydream, it seems to urge, while dragging the listener deeper and deeper into its musical snare.


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