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LIVE REVIEW: Declan McKenna performs intimate acoustic show at Jacaranda Baltic!

Last night, Declan Mckenna took to the brand Jacaranda Baltic venue for a wonderfully intimate acoustic gig to showcase his new record 'What Happened To The Beach?'. You can read our review of the album here.

Photo Credit: PolyphonicaUK

This acoustic performance was incredibly appropriate given the sound of Declan's new album. The standout tracks from 'What Happened To The Beach?' such as 'Mulholland's Dinner and Wine' and 'Elevator Hum' leaning into a more introspective sound and subtle melodies, a vast departure from the soaring Glam Rock expressionism flowing throughout his previous record.

We actually found that these songs came across even better in the intimate, acoustic setting than on the record as the stripped back sound allowed the melodic nuances of Declan's voice and the gently catchy rhythms to shine through at the forefront of the performance. The new tracks were captivating, blending hints of songwriting greats such as The Beatles and The Beach Boys with Declan's unique personal quirkiness.

However, there was still plenty of room for the hits! 'British Bombs' kicked the energy levels up a gear and got the crowd moving while 'Make Me Your Queen' saw the room come into full voice; lighters out and arms in the air. Yet, unsurprisingly the highlight of the set came in the form of 'Brazil' that, despite being an acoustic performance, had some fans seeming ready for a moshpit. His cover of The Rolling Stones' 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' was another standout that can't go unmentioned.

Photo Credit: PolyphonicaUK

Seeing these tracks, that would normally be played in front of thousands, in an intimate setting was a real treat and the size of the room also allowed for Declan to have a more personal connection to the audience. Jokey remarks about Gary Barlow "its time for some rock and roll" quote and endearing moments of forgetting his own words managed to get across his personality in a way that is impossible in a huge venue.

A wonderful evening that showcased the beauty of Declan's songwriting and the fantastic capabilities of the new Jacaranda Baltic space that offers fans to see their favourite artists up close and personal like never before.


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