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  • Eve Waterhouse

Issy Sutcliffe releases angsty new stomper 'The Cost of Living'!

Manchester songwriter Issy Sutcliffe’s venture into Pop Rock is in its early stages but promises something exciting. Her latest single ‘The Cost of Living’ is an immediately exciting, fast-paced track that laughs in the face of ignorance. Speaking on topical debates, Issy confidently plays around with motifs seen in everyday life.

Issy has had success on Radio X and has played gigs across Manchester and Liverpool from 33 Oldham Street to Liverpool Sound City. With similar grooves to Lash’s ‘Take Me Away’, Issy’s music is wild and grungy, centred around strong guitar riffs and punchy drumbeats. Having already turned heads thanks to her enthralling stage presence, the young singer is definitely one to watch out for.

‘The Cost of Living’ is feisty and unapologetic, making clear criticism about a world the singer that Issy is sick of.


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