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Introducing the gloomy bedroom Post-Punk of Jack Moody and his latest track 'Demons'

It seems America have their answer to Post-Punk heavyweights Fontaines D.C. in the form of new solo songwriter Jack Moody. Making heavily layered tracks in his bedroom has resulted in an incredibly insular sound that is audibly self-analytical. Sonically, the tracks are full of distortion and purposefully fuzzy so that there is never an empty space throughout any song's duration. This creates a droning, immersive experience that you can easily get lost in.

His latest single 'Demons' is, as the name suggests, drenched in melancholic self reflection. Somehow you can just hear how this song was constructed. It will have started with some testing riffs that are drenched in a washy Post-Punk tone. Then, once the multiple layers of gloomy bass and guitar lines were finished, a intentionally loose and messy drum pattern was inserted to provide the background force. Finally, when all the instrumentals were complete, he will have approached the mic with just a few words in mind and repeatedly sang along to his sonic construction time and time again until his truest thoughts and feelings revealed themselves to him from his subconscious. Now, the final product is full of the strangely appealing, down trodden spirit that lies at the heart of Post-Punk. Hopefully there's more to come soon.


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