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Introducing Sweden's joyous Synth Pop outfit, Disco Arcade

Disco Arcade’s third single 'Paint You Wings' continues to firmly mark their place in the Synth Pop scene. Their first single, 'Addicted', came out in Autumn 2021, followed by the glorious 'What’s Going On', both very bold and big-sounding, following in the footsteps of bands such as Fickle Friends, and they do a great job of modernising that much-loved 80s sound.

Formed in Sweden, the six-piece Disco Arcade began making demos which have now evolved into a gorgeous sound, confident of where they’re headed. Paint You Wings tell the tale of meeting someone on a night out that you click with, but not catching their name or number and therefore probably never seeing them again.

The track shimmers and soars, opening with drums, synths, and a guitar that cries out joyously. The drums carry the rhythm perfectly, layered underneath the vocals, and the melody worms itself into your ears. There is a lot of space in the verses, building up to the euphoric chorus. “You’re like a song that I heard on the radio, can’t get you off my mind” vocalist Hanna Einebrant belts. The enthusiasm is definitely inferred, I hope they find each other again one day.

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