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INTERVIEW W/ Disco In Sochi: "Life starts to feel like a movie scene when the music is playing"!

Liverpool outfit Disco In Sochi are known for combining poignant lyrical sentiments with uplifting instrumental arrangements. Their latest single 'Differences' has a free-spirited, jaunty energy thanks to the bouncy piano line and high vocal melodies. However, when you look beneath the euphoric veneer you realise that there's a myriad of poignant, cinematic layers lying below. We spoke with them about their unique sound, this blend of joy and melancholia and the new single.

Photo Credit: Chris Baugh

Q. For any newcomers to your sound, how would you describe it?

A. "There are definitely songs that are more geared towards pop as well as some electronic mixes we’ve done for ourselves and some other artists. There should be a nice balance of what we think of as a bright pop sound but with a raw heaviness coming from the beats and basslines with a sprinkle of forsetto somewhere. Alternative DIY Pop??".

Q. Can you explain the lyrical ideas within the new single 'Differences’?

A. "Quite simply a song about couples and family having disagreements; whether It be about simple things or more complicated things, we all have differences. (Forgive the pun)".

Q. What would you say is the perfect environment to listen to the new track in?

A. "Try listening on a bus, train or even a cafe and watch certain situations that are in front of you. Everyday life isn’t boring! Arguments, sadness, laughter, etc it all starts to feel like a movie scene when the music is playing in your ears!".

Q. Your vocals are very bright and striking on 'Differences', are there any vocalists that you have modelled your style on?

A. "Hate to say it but unfortunately not! Alex has always just been himself which maybe gives it a different element. There’s definitely moments in the song that have characterised the direction the vocals go; however, this is might also be down to a great master finish by Mikey Young".

Q. 'Differences', like lots of your songs, is a very joyous tune - do you find you have to be in a positive, upbeat mindset to write these kinds of songs?

A. "Some people have said this before about the songs and yes the chords may have a more upbeat, major style but really it’s more of a facade compared to the lyrics which are maybe quite negative or sad. I think a great example of this is found in Ska, Rocksteady and reggae where the lyrics represent sad, morbid and mundane stories but the chords, sound and style are completely upbeat and 'happy'".

Q. What are your plans for the rest of 2024?

A. "Keep going with what we’re doing but maybe some more remixes and hopefully some collaborations. There will also be a live performance of ‘Differences” coming end of Jan / early Feb that was recorded in the Walker Gallery. This should be quite cool!".

Q. Which other emerging Liverpool acts are you a fan of?

A. "We record in the same studio as Jamie Webster and have a few chats in the kitchen about music so overtime we’ve become quite acquainted as well as Deaf School are some other local legends we are fans of also!".


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