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INTERVIEW W/ Captain Crocodile: "I'm trying to convey a comfortable sadness"!

Armed with a slew of hypnotic beats and a hazy vocal delivery that will put you into a trance, Liverpool-based songwriter Captain Crocodile has been treating the local scene to a dose of dreamy melancholia this year with a string of singles.

The most recent of which was 'Tried To Stay', a very insular track that invites you into a lucid sonic that you may never escape. Crunchy rolling drums are met by a pulsating electro rhythm and moody guitar line that bring to mind the soundscapes of King Krule. The vocals float across the top of the track, blending into the mix and offering subtle melodies infused with a Grunge-tinge. A wonderfully immersive track that you can fully get lost in.

We spoke with Captain Crocodile about what makes up their sound and what we can expect from their next single 'I Can't', out January 26th.

Q. For those who have never come across your music, how would you describe your sound?

A. "I feel like the best way to describe our sound would be something along the lines of breakbeat grunge-gaze. it’s a moody, drowned sound yet also jagged and angular at the same time - a sort of psychedelic edge. If I were to draw a comparison to someone similar I’d say artists like King Krule or Memo Boy".

Q. What would you say is the perfect environment to listen to 'Tried To Say' and 'I Can't'? 

A. "I’d say the ideal croc listening experience is out back of your house with a cig and a coffee on a cold winter morning, or perhaps on a moody evening walk to clear your head; I feel like this music sits in those moments of reflection we all get throughout the day".

Q. What kind of emotive effect do you want your music to have on the listener? 

A. "I guess, as much as the music is quite brooding and edgy, I feel like the mood I’m trying to convey is more of a comfortable sadness. like the acceptance that sometimes things don’t need to be ok".

Q. Your music features lots of dreamy, hazy layers - can you explain how you build these layers up? What is usually your starting point? 

A. "I usually start with the core stuff like guitars and rhythm, usually a mix of both electric with some vibrato and acoustic. then I like to start building my layers of panned synth parts, counter melodies and other general ear candy… vocals and main melodic lines usually come in last. To me the sound design and space is the most important, something that sounds really cool or unique can carry a song a long way". 

Q. Where do you source most of the lyrical inspiration for your tracks?

A. "For me, songwriting is my way of self-therapy, it’s a way for me to reflect on my inner thoughts and deal with them, so my lyrics usually come from my experiences and how I see and interact with the world. Saying that, I also take inspiration from other poets and musicians; a couple of people that come to mind are Puma Blue & Thom Yorke among others".

Q. Can you explain the story behind the artwork for the new single and does the artwork play a big part in your project?

A. "I feel like visuals are a very important factor in my music. I very much strive to create a unique audio-visual experience to help convey how I see the world to everyone else, in both the single art’s and in my other video projects. I live with a condition that can alter my visual perception, which I try my best to reflect in my art, whether it be in the ghastly entities that haunt the I Can’t’ cover art, or the wobbling and trailing foliage in Tried To Say’s".

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