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INTERVIEW: Together Pangea reveal what it's like for American artists to tour the UK!

LA's Garage Punk trio Together Pangea have been reshaping, refining and perfecting their recorded and live sound for the last decade now and have become one of the most well respected touring bands among those who want the fun of a sweaty basement gig replicated on the big stage. The band have just released the extended version of the 2021 album 'DYE'. This new extended version features five new tracks including their recent single 'Cigarette', an instantly appealing fuzzy Skater track that has the perfect blend of grit and melody to fit alongside a Tony Hawk skate game. It certainly has been a busy 12 months for the trio, but they took time out in the midst of their recent UK tour to share some sonic wisdom that they've picked up over their 10 years of performing.

You’ve been recording and touring your music for over 10 years now, how do you feel that you have evolved both personally and musically as a band over this time?

"Wow, been 10 years huh? Time flies. Aren’t all the cells in your body entirely replaced every 7 years? I guess that would make us wholly new people. We’ve changed a lot, more responsible, and less likely to leave all of our shit in the hotel".

What is the best piece of advice you could give new artists that you have learned over your decade of making music?

"Practice a lot. Stay in your own lane, and don’t worry about what other people are doing/listening to. Make what you love".

Can you tell us about what prompted the lyrics behind the new single ‘Cigarette’?

"Cigarette is about the addiction mindset. Not about the drug itself, whatever it may be, but about the personal philosophy that comes with catering to your addiction. I was talking about alcohol but it can work with whatever".

You can hear strong influences of American classics like ‘Dancing With Myself’ as well as very coastal, surf/skate vibes in this new track, what kind of music were you listening to when writing and how much of an influence has that had on the finished sound?

"I think with this track we were going for more of a 90’s alt rock thing. Maybe that comes across, maybe not".

‘Cigarette’ has a really upbeat high-energy feel perfect for care-free road trip’s with friends. What kind of moments were you writing this track for?

"I wrote that song for myself, I didn’t think about anyone listening to it".

Do you feel that your L.A surroundings affect your sound / persona as a band?

"Yeah I think that where you are always affects the art that you make. It’s hard to describe exactly how. In LA, there’s something about it being a beautiful day every day and still feeling like shit and that makes its way into our music".

You’ll soon be swapping the L.A sun for the rainy grey skies of the UK on tour, what’s your best memory of playing in the UK and how much are you excited for this UK section of your current tour?

"We love the UK. Hopefully, it doesn’t rain too much in July. We had Sunday roast on tour once, that was pretty great".

How do you feel playing in the UK differs from paying in the states and do you get a different reception?

"We’re less known in the UK but the crowds are still fun. Always a mosh pit".

If you could choose two UK bands to support on tour, what past and one present, who would they be?

"The Clash and Idles".

With three new singles out this year, what are your next plans for new music?

"We don’t really make plans but we’re always writing new songs so I’m sure that we’ll be doing something soon".



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