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Immersive yourself in the spellbinding new single from Indie Folk trio The Deep Blue!

Known for the poignancy of their lyrics, the serenity of their harmonies and the warmth of their sonic folk tapestries, The Deep Blue, have really ramped things up in 2023. Following on from their ‘Sugarcoat’ EP back in July, they have then returned more recently with the new single ‘Somebody's Daughter’.

Early on, you are wrapped up in a swirling ball of tangled, sparkling acoustics that are supremely soothing and instantly set you into a trance. The track then hints of more contemporary Jazz and R&B vibes with the slick, soothing hum of the keyboard chords and funky percussive rhythm. 

As always, the beauty of the track lies in their powerful vocal harmonies that offer warmth, depth and emotion that really shines through in the ascending melody of the chorus. 

It is lovely to hear them adding in some soulful, Jazz and Funk tones into their trademark Indie Folk blend. The subtle undertones of flair on guitar add that extra flavour that brings the song together. 

Another wonderful performance from the spellbinding trio!


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