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Highschool Jacob - Stacey

As we enter the summer months, all we want is that warm weather soundtrack to the lazy outdoor afternoons. The new single from LA’s Highschool Jacob is just the thing!

Highschool Jacob is the alternative pop project of Jacob Masters who started to combine elements of modern pop and R&B back in 2017 aiming to deliver tracks that can create a personal connection with his fans. His laid back synth-driven beats and art-pop aesthetic, reminiscent of Liverpool artist Pizzagirl, has attracted attention from the LA scene and beyond.

Yet, 2020 looks set to be a big year for HSJ with his latest single ‘Stacey’ marking the start of an impressively innovative project titled “HSJ 2020”. The project will feature a number of tracks each accompanied by their own corresponding video game! The first of these mini games is out now and can be played here but be warned its a tricky one.

Some cynics may see this unique release feature as a mere marketing gimmick, however the video game element only adds to the track and doesn’t distract from his music. It conveys the ethos of his entire work, to connect people together by tapping into their everyday emotions. It lets his fans enjoy a brief period of calming reflection while listening to his music.

The new single ‘Stacey’ is taps into 80’s era grooves whilst maintaining a 21st century standpoint with his modern vocal tones and contemporary lyrical content. The smooth beats transport you from the self-doubt filled confines of your bedroom to the warm care-free streets of LA in seconds, making ‘Stacey’ the ideal lockdown single to lift your spirits.



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