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Get lost in the chaotic Jazz-Funk of Liverpool quartet Bonk!

Chaotic Jazz-Funk outfit Bonk! have undeniably been a resounding success in Merseyside and are now rapidly expanding their reach to other major cities across the UK, including Manchester, Leeds, and Sheffield. 

The band of four, made up of Dan Hewitt (Guitar and Vocals), Badri Ram Mohan (Keys), Sam Robinson (Bass), and Remy Forrester (Drums), spent the majority of 2023 gigging in Liverpool and other areas of the UK, showcasing their music, building upon a defying sound and growing their fanbase.

Last week, the band released their second single 'Wave' which they've been playing during their live sets for a while and have been begged by fans to release it. 

The new single is a mesmerising blend of Jazz, Punk, and Psychedelic melodies. The punchy, snapping bass lines are strong and energetic, while the guitar riffs make you feel like you’re relaxing on a sunny California beach. 

The drums played by Remi add depth to the track while the synths create a kaleidoscope of sound that constantly changes, making for a fascinating sonic experience with lyrics that are equally impressive with their intricate wordplay. 

What sets Bonk! apart from other bands is the way they're able to illustrate and bring their personalities through their music and their live shows. The playfulness and humour that characterise their persona are reflected in the music they create, making it unique and enjoyable for listeners, whether you're a fan of Jazz or Hard Rock, Bonk!'s music has the power to inspire you to embrace your individuality. 

Unlike their debut song, 'Nepotism', the band recorded their second single live, stating that: “So much of who we are as a band comes from playing live music and we wanted ‘Wave’ to reflect that.”

Talking about the track Dan Hewitt said: “Wave was a bit of a joke that we wanted to make something really smiley and happy like the Beach Boys era. We wanted to put cliches into it and have little fun moments. And when I think about the lyrics, I didn’t really think about what I was writing at the time. I just sort-of thought about what would they write back then and from there it turned into something".

The local scene have already been loving the new release with Naithan Coughlan, the bassist for Ellis Murphy, commenting: "I think it's just such a fun and happy song that has a lot to it. The guys must have had a laugh when recording because it genuinely gives us such good vibes".

The band celebrated their release with an intimate, fun and interactive set at Artefact Liverpool, where audience members got involved by playing various musical instruments. 

Bonk! are a unique band that consistently delivers outstanding performances. 'Wave' is already generated a buzz throughout the city and suspicions have arisen that they have something even bigger in store for us...


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