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German Pop Rockers Pair release their debut album 'The Love Equivalent'

German Pop Rock outfit released their debut album 'The Love Equivalent' earlier his Summer and solidified their status as one of Europe's most appealing melody makers. Formerly HYMMJ, the quartet have become renowned across Germany for their finessed harmonic styles and interesting instrumentation that often revolves around tightly rolled rum patterns. The new album is packed full of funky Summer sounds, interlaced vocal melodies and some well layered Foals esc production. The infectious synth-led chorus of 'Responsible Animals' is a definite standout. The contemplative vocals of the verse jump into an explorative, uplifting melody that feels like your mind is expanding the more you listen.

'Freak Talk' has a bit more coolness and swagger about as the initial army style drum rolls build up a slightly abstract opening atmosphere before the song enters into a deep, dance groove flavoured with funky bass tones and popping electro notes. This is definetely a groove you can get lost in. The singles are infectious, yet it is the album's first and final tracks that really showcase their songwriting and sonic maturity as they both demonstrate a range of dynamics and a very accomplished arrangement. 'I'm Not Here To Change Anyone' gives the album a cinematic start with its swelling string sections floating dreamily over a distant echo of sporadic percussive notes. It feels like it could be the soundtrack to a serene space film. 'Senescence of a Vampire' then closes the record in dramatic style as the pop synths and deep rock riffs that are present throughout the album combine for a climatic finale to fantastically varied debut release.


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