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German Indie Pop quintet, Kabinett, release debut EP Mackie's Comin'

After releasing their first single in March 2022, German five-piece Kabinett have released a melodically refreshing EP of Indie Pop.

Opening, title track 'Mackie’s Comin’' sets the tone for the EP with its unique compositions of synthesizer sounds and smooth guitar riffs that perfectly entangle with the bass and drum. The feel of the deep, blues vocals adds to the sound's richness which we hear more of in 'Feather Age'.

Tracks 'Jomeri' and 'Blueberry Lips' shift the tempo; with the increase use of synthesizer sounds and guitar, the songs encompass a more mellow vibe that will have listeners enchanted with the smoky vocals. Debut single 'Chloe B' also has factors contributing to a more mellow rhythm, and despite this, the tracks transcend with the added instrumental force – this leaves the EP ending on that same feel-good note as it started with. Kabinett embody an individual blend of Funk, Garage Rock, and indie electro that’ll instantly boost your mood.


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