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Experimental Electro Pop artist Steinsdotter releases three versions of new single 'Lone Wolf'!

London-based yet Nordic-born, experimental Electro Pop songwriter Steinsdotter makes music to redefine your mind. Her music is entrancing and transports you into an otherworldly sonic dimension that will make you contemplate, expand your imagination and return a new person. With a combination of Avant guard production and a crisp, meditative voice, she makes music that is truly unique and her latest single 'Lone Wolf', which comes in three versions, is a great example of why.

The original single version is everything we have come to expect from Steinsdotter. Musically, it uses a fantastic range of sounds from subtle piano notes to dense electronic attacks. Tonally, it sees tranquil, ethereal soundscapes come head to head with the dark tensions of a sonic underworld. The dreamier, tranquil sections lull you into a false sense of security so that the darker, explosive electronic sections catch you by surprise and slap you awake. The fast, angsty vocals in these moments are empowering and wonderfully punchy giving the song a brilliant swagger!

However, the piano version of the track provides a much more romantic and cinematic sound as notes tumble and fall around you. At times the rhythm is methodical and at peace yet at other moments sonic pirouettes dance erratically around you, echoing the chaos of the darker sections of the original. It is a completely different experience yet one that is just as engrossing and perhaps even more emotive.

Finally, the live version almost blends the two previous styles, incorporating the cinematic elements of the piano piece yet offering even more swagger and punch in the built up sections.

These singles demonstrate the unmatched creativity, artistry, arrangement and performative qualities of Steinsdotter!


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