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Euro Sounds Volume 4 - TAPE TOY, Alexandra Alden & KYTES


Tightly nit Alternative four-piece TAPE TOY are following in the footsteps of EUT and Pip Blom, creating this new wave of noise from The Netherlands that is vibrant, punchy and creating quite a stir here in the UK. TAPE TOY actually share quite a lot of similarities to these bands as they play around with vocal effects and a few electronic inputs like EUT and often create quite hypnotic build ups to their bittersweet vocal led chorus' that are comparable to Pip Blom's. However, they are still distinctly their own animal.

Their new single 'Tired' is instantly engaging with its disjointed beat and Grunge Pop guitar tones. The verse vocals are understated and monotone evoking the feelings said in the lyrics. However, the chorus swells and brings a huge sound around the purposefully monotone yet melodic vocals. It's brimming with 90's Indie vibes whilst carrying a distinctly modern feel especially as the track progresses and we meet the electrifying guitar solo that is tuned to feel almost like a synth, blurring the lines between that authentic Grunge & the modern wave of synth infused Indie that is even more present on their other tracks, namely 'Dive Deeper'. TAPE TOY are one of the most vibrant emerging bands in Europe right now and should get straight on your playlists.


Alexandra Alden

Currently based in Malta, acclaimed Singer-songwriter Alexandra Alden has lived and work across Europe for years. Her music has an unrivaled level of intimacy too it. Her tracks always carry a rich and wholesome sound, filled with character and a level of honesty that can be hard to come across in modern solo artists. Her debut album 'Wild Honey' showcased this level of connection she can create with anyone listening. The textures are soft yet deeply emotive and transport you from any hectic environment you might find yourself in.

Her latest single 'Helium' continues in the same vain. The gentle lounge beat allows her to play with the layers of her voice. The next installment 'Not for me to say', arriving August 31st, is yet another demonstration of her songwriting power. The intimacy is present again, particularly in the soft yet assertive vocals. You truly feel as if you are witnessing a one on one performance as she creates such a depth of sound that you are completely engrossed by it. Keep an eye out for the new track as it is a sign that Alexandra has continued to develop as she always has.



Munich's Indie-Pop outfit KYTES combine an eclectic Two Door Cinema Club like instrumentation with a clean and catchy chorus of vocals similar to The Vaccines' summer sing-a-long vibes. This blend makes for a hugely fun and feel good sound that is hard to not be moved by, both mentally and physically. This style manages to put a positive sonic spin on pretty much any subject matter they chose to write about, their new single 'the beat is on hold' is the perfect example.

You may expect morbid tones and lyrical illustrations of loneliness from a track written about lockdown, yet their new track is anything but. Driven by a thumping bass drum and layers of guitar/synth sounds, the single tackles the changes lockdown has enforced on social life and takes a wry look at stereotypes of the current situation. Regardless of your opinions on the current lockdown scenario wherever you are based, this track takes your mind off those issues and offers a light hearted retort to the situation without ever verging on the novelty single. It is punchy yet incredibly palatable and the perfect post COVID recovery song.


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