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Euro Sounds: No Money Kids, MUVI, Thea Wang & Wodan Boys

No Money Kids

DIY Indie/Blues duo No Money Kids were one of the most prolific bands across Europe in recent times with 3 albums in four years. However, after their 2018 record 'Trouble' they took a brief hiatus. Now, they have returned with album number four 'Factory' that is their most fresh and modern cut yet. It is a record that is both electrifying and thoughtful with Rock and Roll euphoria sitting side by side with lo-fi reflection. This is best demonstrated around the mid-point of the album where 'Brother' proceeds 'Dear Friend'.

'Brother' channels sounds of modern Rock heavyweights such as The Black Keys with a stadium filling drum sound and fantastically cutting guitar tone. The riff steals the show with a rhythm that has a distinctively retro Blues feel but is produced in an elevated electro style. 'Dear Friend' on the hand has quite an enclosed atmosphere with the electronic textures washing over you at a hypnotic pace. In feeling, it is comparable to the more poignant Indie classics like 'Where Is My Mind?' and 'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards' and showcases the musical variety and songwriting maturity of the Parisian pair.



Sonically, Italian solo artist MUVI is more intimate and down to earth than the anthemic sounds of No Money Kids. His debut single 'The Same' is unapologetically romantic with an up tempo acoustic rhythm providing a bright backdrop for his dreamy vocals to confess their love with a heartwarming honesty. Shuffling drum brushes and melodic harmonies bring the track to life and leave you feeling serenaded even if you know the song was not intended for you.

His latest track 'Baby' takes on a more arrogant persona. Again, it is a direct love confession yet there is more mystery and danger this time round. Backed by a full band, the atmosphere of this track is much bigger. Vocally the song radiates a confident swagger while the swinging Rock instrumentals are dense. Big drum stabs, deep guitar tones and the underlying Blues piano really bring the track alive and offer a huge energy to bolster his vocals. Whether you want an exciting passionate love story or a cosy night of romance MUVI has got your soundtrack sorted.


Thea Wang

Norwegian Singer Songwriter Thea Wang arrived early last month with her debut single 'Tell Me About It' and although it is difficult to judge an artist based on just one track it instantly indicated that she is an artist with a beautifully intimate and stirring sound. Playing with themes of loneliness, chance encounters and love, the song transports you into a deeply emotive yet tranquil realm where you feel temporarily disconnected from the business of the outside world.

She has now returned with a follow up single 'While He Is Still Asleep' and it is just as blissful as her debut. The tone of the acoustic guitar is so raw and personal that you feel incredibly immersed in the sound. Her words land gently in a soothing style and are structured loosely so that it feels as though it is unrehearsed. This is not to say that it feels unfinished or shoddy by any means but rather, this improvised feel beautifully enhances the honesty and emotive impact of each line. Whether you want a lazy Sunday in bed or a late night of introspection, this is the perfect track yo help you drift away...


Wodan Boys

If you're after something a little more lively to get you up and moving then look no further that Dutch outfit Wodan Boys. Their debut EP last summer was full of high tempo Garage Rock tracks packing energizing riffs and a scrappy vocal delivery that puts an image in mind of them playing live, stumbling and bouncing around the stage crashing into each other as they play. You can hear from their delivery that they don't take themselves too seriously, they just seem like a group who love mosh worthy music and want to put that passion into their own releases.

Their new single 'So Damn Much' continues in the same vain. Indie Rock riffs barrel out from the first moment while vocals are spat with a fun loving aggression. The chorus has an audible camaraderie, similar to one of the UK's best new bands Eades, that is infectious. The lyrical content is not too complex but is delivered with such a chaotic euphoria that you can't help but want to get up on stage and join in. The perfect track to help you let down your hair and get ready for the weekend!




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