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Euro Sounds: 4 emerging European artists who need to be on your radar!


With a sound that flicks between spaced out electro soundscapes, funky danceable rhythms and punchy Indie melodies, German quartet Kabinett have been making a big name for themselves across the European scene. They arrived at the start of the year with their debut release 'Chloe B' and have subsequently offered up a stream of singles that have built up to 'Feather Age', their first EP. It can often be hard for an artist to establish a distinctive sound when they clearly have an eclectic range of influences. However, this debut EP manages to capture the essence of who Kabinett want to be whilst demonstrating each corner of their sonic tapestry.

Their first track 'Chloe B' is a slick, laid back Indie serenade, with dreamy guitar patterns creating a nice flavour without ever dominating and letting the vocals take centre stage in a style similar to Paris Youth Foundation or The Night Cafe. 'Jomeri' takes a more synth approach, beginning with some bright Euro Pop chords before delving into a more introspective and emotive sound. This track is forever building and, through the combinations of the vibrant electronics and passionate vocals, is probably their most anthemic song that is best suited to a live atmosphere. The EP's title track 'Feather Age' is their most funky number as Foals esc rhythms interlace and make a bouncy rhythm that you can't help but sway along to. The production is very slick on this one as it really lets to the percussion shine and drive the pulsating beat that is the heart of the track. However, it is 'Blueberry Lips' that best summarises their sound. The guitar takes over on this one, delivering a fantastic Indie Funk groove that will take a hold of you pretty instantly. The vocals on this one are the most gritty and full of emphasis, brilliantly cutting through the light Indie soundscape with an angsty energy that is truly infectious. You'll have a hard time not getting involved in this one, and that's before the big brass solo takes over a final flurry of instrumental vibrancy. A great EP for fans of No Hot Ashes, Foals or any true Indie lover!


Brand new on the scene but already making a shattering impact is Alt-Rock solo-artist AYMZ. Even though the Austrian singer sings in German, this does not detract from her sound one bit! UK fans of YONAKA or CRAWLERS will instantly get on with her latest single 'Larries' due to the sheer force that AYMZ produces. Her debut single 'X' was released in February and it was a bold first track to make her stamp on the Euro scene. Wrapping a rich, resonant vocal around drifting electro textures in the early moments, the track then explodes into a ear bursting chorus that radiates an anthemic Alternative euphoria that rings of Bring Me The Horizon.

'Larries' veers slightly away from the commercial vocal nuances and electronics that were present in the previous single and baths in a darker, more sinister yet tempting tone. The vocals are delivered with a fast-paced groove full of angst. Even if you cannot understand the words you can tell that she is speaking her mind! The chorus then lifts off with a huge uplifting energy. Although it does have the heavy Alt Rock sensibilities at its heart there is a very empowering, catchy vocal melody that makes it perfect for a packed out stadium sing-a-long.

Chris Noah

Latvian solo artist Chris Noah has to be one of our favourite European discoveries of the year as his smooth, soaring vocals and Pop orientated melodies are irresistibly catchy. He had already been building a solid fan base thanks to his thoughtful songwriting and knack for earworming guitar lines on tracks like 'Fall Through' and 'Spark'. However, his latest release 'Sunboy' has taken things to a new level, dealing out a wave of sunshine euphoria that you can't ignore!

Opening with a rolling synth cascade that has nostalgic 80s tones, it isn't belong before Chris' appeal becomes clear. Often, new Indie Pop artists break through thanks to a memorable chorus or that one distinctive hook that sticks in everyone's heads. Chris certainly does have this, yet what stands out in his music is that their is constant melody from start to finish. The verses don't merely serve to build up to an electrifying chorus, they provide constant, changing melody that holds your interest throughout. His vocals have a freedom to them that makes you fixate on which direction that will take next. Sometimes they are big and bold as he stresses every word yet sometimes they are loose and tumbling as the words wrap around one another just as his thoughts do within the lyrical content. The chorus is still undeniably the standout element though. The instrumentals are appropriately sun drenched while the vocals are smooth and warm, conveying every ounce of heartwarming love that the lyrics confess. This is the perfect track for indulging in that fuzzy feeling of love you feel for those closest to you.


Norway's melodic Punk outfit JOYLESS announced themselves to the world with their debut, self-titled album last year. It was full of a refreshing youthful spirit and an appropriate Punky dose of frustration and rebellion, just what you would want from a young band! By combining a perpetuating Punk Rock energy with summery Surf melodies they tap into the best of both worlds and create a sound that is ferocious but still so satisfying on the ears.

They have not slowed down since their first album and have returned this summer with their new single 'Cool?'. This new track follows in the same vain as their previous material as it is packed full of energy, big riffs and smooth melodies that linger in your mind long after the final note. With their accented vocal twang and warm, catchy take on Punk 'Cool?' has some commercial hints that made up the DNA of the 90s Pop Punk craze. However, the coastal, Surf sounds and constant rolling rhythms make their sound more comparable to the likes of Bad Nerves. They take the very essence of Punk and, by taking inspiration from classic bands such as Buzzcocks, they polish the gritty fire of rebellion into a gleaming, high-octane sound full of big riffs, sing-a-long vocal lines and an overall energy built for a festival mosh pit.



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