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EP REVIEW: TTSSFU - Me, Jed and Andy

Already widely regarded as one of Manchester’s hottest new talents thanks to a string of notable live shows and support slots, Alternative songwriter TTSSFU, has now fully cemented her status with the release of her 7-track EP ‘Me, Jed and Andy’

Photo Credit: Mat Coffey

The opening track ‘I Hope You Die’ immediately sets the tone and, by the title of the track, you can probably guess what that tone is. Moody, frustrated and brooding with an eery gothic undertone. The vocals have a drifting, melancholic style that fits beautifully on top of the hypnotic Post-Punk grooves. 

Many of the EP’s songs fit this theme, blending the slightly dreamy textures of Wolf Alice’s most ethereal tracks with a gloomy angst that bends and weaves its way between Alt Rock and Shoegaze in the fashion of fellow Mancunian newcomers Cruush.

Fan favourite ‘Studio 54’ breathes with a beautifully cinematic quality as the vocals deliver their dream-laced, bittersweet Melodie’s with soft caress while the hypnotising drum/bass grooves drive the track forward and atmospheric background textures swirl around, enthralling you into a sonic trance.

Another standout on the EP is ‘Character’, a more upbeat synth-infused song with the same echoed vocal style that brings a dreamy, vintage quality, yet with a more uplifting Surf rhythm that bringing to mind more hazy summer days.

One of the best EP’s of the year and certainly one to watch.


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