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EP REVIEW: The Rizz - Hung Out To Dry

As their name suggests, The Rizz, make music full of flair and youthful spirit. Their new EP ‘Hung Out To Dry’ is full of the gritty indie swagger of the mid 00s with a fresh modern energy and slight Punk-fuelled twang.

Opening track ‘Mr Bizz’ is an infectiously high intensity coming-of-age track with lyrics of youthful escapades. The sound switches between a bouncy, mosh pit worthy Indie tone and a harsher, Punk Rock attack which is injected by some of the more viscous vocal deliveries.

‘Son of a victim’ ups the energy even more with a barrelling onslaught of punchy Rock tones and an intentionally scrappy performance which allows you to almost audibly feel the band members bouncing around and pushing into one another on stage.

Our personal favourite track on the EP is ‘Only One’ due to electrifying guitar line and the tension that the intro builds before heading into a bubbling groove full of the band’s cheeky chap personality.

Overall, the EP dances that line between urban tales and daring youthful exuberance and a more pissed off Punk attitude. Together these sounds ring of early Blackwaters and act as a fantastic showcase for what The Rizz have to offer.


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