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EP REVIEW: Keyside - Nikita

Keyside have truly announced themselves as one of Liverpool’s most exciting new acts with their debut EP ‘Nikita’, a four track collection that combines irresistible coastal melodies with a songwriting depth far beyond their years.

The EP features their previously released fan-favourite single ‘Angeline’, a bouncy Indie single that encapsulates their style. The jangly guitars create a melodic web of sounds while the lyrics weave a poignant piece of relatable social commentary. On the other hand, the other previously released track ‘Turn Back The Time’ sees them enter a new Indie ballad realm that wraps you up in a dream-like trance and fills you with a nostalgic lament, a wonderfully poignant song that showcases another side to their songwriting.

‘Down My Way’ is a joyous, summer-ready track that has a constant melodic intrigue to it thanks to the vocals of Dan Parker which bend and weave loosely, adding melodic flair to each and every line.

However the highlight of the EP for us has to be the title track ‘Nikita’. The guitars have a winding flow yet still offer a bite in the key moments while also emanating a bittersweet tone that gives an added emotive feel to the track. Lyrically, the poignancy grows the more you listen as the tale of a girl, left alone at home while her mum is out feeding her drug addictions, hits hard and highlights the uniquely thoughtful songwriting that stands Keyside apart from many of their peers. The track reminds us of The View, due to the melodies and the distinctive vocals of Dan Parker that really soar, cutting through the sound with a swagger and personality that is infectious.

This is just what a debut EP should be, a showcase for all the best sides of your songwriting and a blend of fan favourites and brand new hits!

Keyside will be playing their biggest headline to date at a sold out Liverpool Arts Club on March 23rd.


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