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Drift away and de-stress with this new Indie Folk selection ft. Sunflower Thieves, Thea Wang & more.

Sunflower thieves

If you are looking for a audibly close connection with nature then Sunflower Thieves may be the band, just as their name suggests. Their new EP ‘Someone To Be There For’ arrived earlier this month and has earned praise from BBC 6 Music and Radio 1 thanks to its beautifully soft selection of tracks that show the Leeds duo’s irresistible appeal. On the whole their sound is built of warm, rich sounds. The EP’s opener ‘Sirens’ showcases this to a tee with the instantly wholesome vocal layers meeting a deep and resonant acoustic line that rumbles gently, providing a distinct yet unintrusive rhythm. This combination is captivating without being loud and tempts you in gently, enticing you into a sonic equivalent of a carefree walk through a sunny field filled with natural beauty. The subsequent song 'Lichtenberg Figures' is a more spaced pout experience that evokes thoughtful feelings of self-discovery with its musings on Extra-terrestrials and swelling string accompaniment.

The EP’s lead single ‘I Don’t Know Why’ stands out strongly within the 5 track selection. It is still built off the warm vocal layers that feel incredibly comfortable, perhaps due to the fact that the two girls are childhood friends, but it has a little more energy and more of a distinct groove. This groove then builds towards a really infectious chorus. The chorus may only be one line, but it is delivered in such a smooth and rich style that you can’t help but want to sing along.

The EP ends brightly with the melodic lyrics of ‘Grown Out Of You’ that dip between uplifting optimism and melancholic realism with ease, showing their vocal emotive range. Again, it is the slick vocal layers that take centre stage. They manage to be incredibly appealing whilst delivering quite harsh lyrical sentiments and draw all attention towards the dense characterful notes of their individual voices. If you are a fan of female led harmonies and warming sounds that give you an audible hug then this EP is perfect for you!

Lexie Carrol

At just 17, London-based songwriter Lexie Carrol has already started to turn heads with her contemplative brand of Bedroom Folk and been championed by BBC Introducing and BBC 6 Music. Her new EP 'when the sun came up' is out on April 29th and although it is full of quite sedated, relaxed atmospheres it consistently radiates a refreshing optimism that is adequate for its title. ‘do you wanna leave this city?’ mixes in a few playful electro notes to add a bright, smiling texture to the otherwise acoustic sound. Although the name of the track suggests a complex and perhaps stressful situation the tone of the vocals and delicate guitar inserts are fully hopeful. Their bright, sunny sounds give an overwhelming optimism to content that could seem hugely complicated. It is as if Lexie is audibly solving your own problems for you by giving such a relaxed and honest approach to the stress loaded question.

‘Racing Raindrops’ follows and, although we may have used this word a lot throughout this article, there is no other word to use here than beautiful. Lexie’s voice rings out with an uplifting reassurance, depicting a blissful metaphorical image that seems to draw away all danger and worry from the situation once again. Artistically you could easily take the idea of raindrops falling down a window to be an idea filled with sadness, regret and a loss of control. However, in true Lexie Carrol form she manages to find the idyllic side of the concept and transforms the thought of racing raindrops into a freeing, wholesome experience. An EP of blissful serenity that will dissolve your deepest worries.

Sade Fox

The new single 'Pompeii' from New York songwriter Sade Fox sets you into a trance from the first line. The lyrics "Pompeii wasn't built in a day, but ashes cover it that way" are delivered with a gentle rolling intimacy reminiscent of Alex Turner's 'It's hard to get around the wind' as well as a captivating poignancy distinctive to Sade. The track begins with the ethereal tones and dreamy, drifting atmosphere that are typical of the genre and are what the other artists of the article demonstrate. However, Sade's sound differs as it uses this soft sonic palate as a base to build off. As it grows, a pounding bass drum is introduced, teasing the anthemic finale that will come. An electro-infused rush of soaring distortion and a punchy drum rhythm elevate the power of the song's character and produce a euphoric ending worthy of the historic landscape of the region from which it takes its name.

This is Sade's first single of 2022 and it is a fantastic return. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for a follow up to her 2020 debut album 'Hello, Hello'. Keep your eyes peeled!

Thea Wang

Norwegian Singer Songwriter Thea Wang arrived early this year with her debut single 'Tell Me About It' and although it is difficult to judge an artist based on just one track it instantly indicated that she is an artist with a beautifully intimate and stirring sound. Playing with themes of loneliness, chance encounters and love, the song transports you into a deeply emotive yet tranquil realm where you feel temporarily disconnected from the business of the outside world.

Her follow up single 'While He Is Still Asleep' was just as blissful as her debut. The tone of the acoustic guitar is so raw and personal that you feel incredibly immersed in the sound. Her words land gently in a soothing style and are structured loosely so that it feels as though it is unrehearsed. Now, in her next release 'Jennifer' her vocals take the lead. They have a slightly ethereal tone that washes over you so soothingly. with bright inflections that are comparable to fellow Scandi Sigrid. Again, it carries a loose honesty to it that sounds as if Thea is just sat with a guitar calmly speaking her mind in a stream of consciousness. Whether you want a lazy Sunday in bed or a late night of introspection, this is the perfect track to help you drift away...


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