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  • Jamie Griffiths

Discover The Wirral's latest newcomers Superstore and their latest Post-Punk single 'News At 10'!

Figureheads in the Wirral Indie scene, Superstore, have released their new Post-Punk anthem 'News At 10'.

This upbeat, catchy song brings Punk back into centre stage. The track has a catchy hook “I wish I’d gone to bed before the news at 10” and the quirkiness of the song is perfectly encapsulated in the lyrics belted out at the top of their lungs. The earworming trumpet melody adds a perculiar vibrancy and punchiness to the track. The rhythm is kept perfectly by the drums and the overall theme of the track serves as a reminder of the satirical nature of the band.

With this new single adding to previous tracks like 'Hancock' and 'Younger Generation', there’s no stopping these lads from The Wirral.


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