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Discover the warped electro Post Punk of Adult Play

Shrewsbury's Adult Play broke onto the Post Punk scene last year with their two singles 'HCYS' and 'The Lonely Aisle'. The first of which paired sunken, gloomy vocals with a dark sonic tension that always threatens to explode into life. Gritty guitar tones and vocal swagger are in abundance as the track radiates an immersive, heavy atmosphere. 'The Lonely Aisle' lightened the mood slightly as showcased their more melodic and intricate side with its tightly rolled Indie rhythms and group vocals harmonies.

Now, they have returned with their new single 'See Me Now' that combines elements of both to produce a moody Post Punk track that captures the angsty electro grooves of Slow Thai with catchy vocal hooks sang by the whole band to produce a memorable chorus that stands out above the warped electro-punk atmospherics. The verses take on the form of spoken word monologues matched by a punchy yet insular beat and flavoured by abstract electronic pulses. Yet, the chorus flips to a more expressive fast-paced rhythm and catchy repeated vocal refrain that is hypnotic and rousing. This track would be perfect for an underground gig and we hope to see them coming up to the North West very soon so we can witness just that!

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Joseph Larson
Joseph Larson
Apr 07, 2023

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