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Discover the tranquil bedroom pop of Sofi Gev

Beginning with an explosion of colourful synth, booming bass and gentle melodic guitar, the latest single ‘Stay Awake’ by Sofi Gev, the solo project of American songwriter Hannah Lovelady, is a soft and earnest track that showcases her wondrous singing and dreamy production.

In ‘Stay Awake’ multiple takes of Sofi’s vocals sit above the instruments, each providing their own unique character to the lyrics. Gentle piano accompanies these vocals in the first chorus, providing a tranquil addition to the dreamscape as reversed reverb swells into each phrase softly uttered by Sofi. Impactful and rhythmic vocabulary litters the lyrics of the track, with reflective phrases such as: “do I need a physician, or pills for this condition” echoing on in the listeners head long after the ending notes. The song feels as if it is covered in a cloud-like edge; with soft production holding the music cosily inside the four minute runtime.

Breaking halfway through for melancholic electric guitar and watery percussion, Sofi continues to sing the phrase “stay awake” as the sounds descend into dreamy depths. Powerful bass launches the track back into the chorus and onto the striking conclusion of ‘Stay Awake’ as the listener is pulled out of Sofi Gev’s dreamy soundscape and back into the real world.


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