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Discover the subtly infectious refrains of Miguel Abel's new single 'Money'

The smooth tones of Philipino artist Miguel Abella are almost trance like at times, slipping you into a tranquil setting with ease. However this is not to say that there aren’t melodic moments that will grab you and make you want to jam along too! His latest single ‘Money’ instantly draws you in with a richly toned guitar line that is placed right at the front of the mix to immediately lay its authority on the track’s melody.

The slick sounds it makes tangle beautifully with Miguel’s vocal tones early before the song the fully kicks in with its first chorus which is boosted the solid driving beat. After this point, the bouncing energy of the drums and the background sounds of the rolling guitar line create a warm, surf feel comparable to Aaron Taos or Fuller. The subtle yet infectious hooks of the chorus grow on you time after time, made even more impactful by the dreamy soundscape that flavours the verses between them. Overall a heavily catchy track with a sound that may not often associate with Southeast Asia!


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