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Discover the poignant Pop Rock of Sweden's Vilhelm Buchaus!

We are complete newcomers to Swedish Pop Rock songwriter Vilhelm Buchaus but his latest single ‘Dying Light’ has made us wish we’d been listening all along!

Photo Credit: Sandra Thorsson

From the very first piano melody you can sense the poignant tone and undeniably catchy approach that the song is set to take. This early tease of the melody hooks you in but it comes into full force in the chorus when the vocals match the same melody with a raw passion, offering a singalong sound that you can’t help but belt out at the top of your lungs.

Instrumentally, it has the bare bones of a meaningful Folk ballad but the production and delivery adds a greater brightness and pop finesse to the sound. The guitar solo later in the track then injects an extra soulful passion into the mix.

It is a song that will stir great emotion and linger in your head long after the final note. Emotively powerful and melodically infectious, we just can’t get enough.

A fantastic new songwriter who seems to be growing with each release.


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