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Discover the dreamy Lo-Fi Indie sounds of New York's Trinket and their new single 'Figure Skater'!

If you want to feel wrapped up inside a sonic escape room and be transported into a dreamy, yet slightly abstract audible world then Trinket are your band. The New York trio are new to us, grabbing our attention with their latest single 'Figure Skater' yet they are quickly picking up recognition in the UK being signed to London's Sad Club Records (the label behind another of our new discoveries Luce Rushton) and earning a recent BBC 6 Music play!

The new track begins with some beautifully blissful, laid-back guitar strokes and easy going vocal drawls that are both melodic and lamenting. However, these dreamy sounds are quickly complimented by a fuzzy, growling undertow from another guitar line that adds a layer of angst and unrest into the otherwise tranquil soundscape. This becomes a common theme of the track as gritty, off-kilter guitar tones constantly disturb your sonic dreams. This incongruous placement creates a wonderfully quirky, mysterious sound that has the bittersweet Lo-Fi tones of Pip Blom. However, the lead vocals remain hypnotically melodic throughout, matching the feel of the chorus line "I feel like a figure skater dancing on the ice" in the smooth and lucid flow with their delivery.

This track sees a clash of lazy, Sunday afternoon calmness and the angst of teenage rebellion. The later moments let angst take over as the drums also come crashing in to provide an intense finale yet the quirky melodies still linger long in your mind demonstrating the trio's fantastic ability to create complex, emotive music that is both heavy-hitting, soothing and undeniably catchy. Definitely one to watch!!


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