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Interview W/ Luce Rushton: "It's my venture into very personal songwriting"!

Evoking the same raw and endearing songwriting feel of Courtney Barnett and Pip Blom, Luce Rushton was formerly known as TV Room. Yet, she has rebranded herself into a more intimate and personal solo-project that blends vulnerable lyricism with warm, lo-fi Indie sounds and bittersweet melodies.

Her new track 'Night Drive Through' is a hypnotic exploration of deep inner fears and is a super soothing, warm Indie ramble full of overlapping guitar lines and punctuated by her beautifully soft yet powerful vocal tones that display a fantastic range, dipping between deep notes and bright melodies. Their are audibly poignant inner feelings being expressed throughout, however, the chorus is truly uplifting with its breezy melody that you can't help but want to sing back! We spoke with Luce about her name switch, her new single and her songwriting process.

Credit: Jody Evans

Q. Was the decision to switch from TV Room to your own name tied to this desire to be more intimate and vulnerable with this project?

A. "The project has always been my venture into very personal songwriting and I felt as though TV Room didn't properly fit with that. Although I love the name I think the new name matches the songwriting a lot more. That and we discovered there's another TV Room with ten times as many streams".

Q. Can you explain a bit about the lyrical inspiration for 'Night Drive Through'?

A. "Night Drive Through is about the paranoia I felt in a new relationship thinking of all the ways it could end. It was supposed to be a love song but I started writing about how every event was clouded by fear. It's my attempt at a happy song about love but then it just descends into this panic about death and separation creeping closer as the song continues".

Q. Where do you source most of your lyrical inspiration?

A. "I collect phrases people say or ideas day to day to create one or two lines and put them in my notes and then when I come to write a song, I often refer back to these if they are relevant so a lot of my inspiration comes from interacting with people day to day. I am also massively influenced by the likes of Adrianne Lenker, Cate Le Bon, Courtney Barnett".

Q. When would you say is the perfect moment to listen to the new single?

A. "After filming the music video for the song I would say when running!".

Q. In what environment are you most creatively productive and in what environment did you write this track?

A. "I am most productive when I'm procrastinating doing something else or when I'm travelling somewhere. I think that passing spaces like the train or the shower are really good for creativity although, annoyingly, not very practical. I wish I was the type of person who could schedule a writing session for myself but I just do not have that level of self control".

Q. What kind of people would you say you are writing for on this new Luce Rushton project?

A. "I don't think I write with any specific group of people in mind as the majority of what I write is so that I can process things. I think some of what I write about can be specifically relatable to queer people as that's my experience. I'd like to imagine it resonates with people entering adulthood too. I think a lot of what I write is like flapping uncertainty based on inexperience".


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