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Discover the angsty Electro-Rock swagger of South Korea's Sailor Honeymoon!

Hailing from South Korea, angsty newcomers Sailor Honeymoon have blown away UK tastemakers with their gritty explosion of bottled up unrest in their new single 'Bad Apple'. This has earned them spots at The Great Escape and Focus Wales later in the year.

The soft yet menacing female vocals feel as though they are whispering your goodbyes, filled with so much anger yet delivered with a calm finesse. When combined with the dense, Electro-Rock guitar lines and pumping drum rhythm they ring of UK acts like Shelf Lives.

The early stages have quite a spaced out atmosphere thanks to the echoed effect on some of the vocal lines. Yet, the song becomes increasingly direct and punchy as it goes on, particularly when the multiple vocals team up to deliver in-your-face shouts of "There's the door", followed by a wonderfully harsh and fuzzy guitar solo.

The finale is thumping, filled with distortion, Punk spirit and the hypnotic chorus lines that cement themselves in your brain whether you like it or not!


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