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  • Jamie Griffiths

Discover NYC's new Post-Punk outfit SKORTS!

New York City based four-piece SKORTS have released their new single ‘eat your heart out’. Formed in 2022, they have quickly made a name for themselves in their local music scene, offering powerful vocal melodies and a unique Post-Punk style with a quirky edge. 

The track starts off with strong bass and a solid drumbeat while distinctive, angelic voices draw you in and mix well with the instrumentals. The band then indulges in a psychedelic daze of sound that will put you in a trance and leave you wanting more. Yet, it will also have you singing "eat your heart out" at the top of your lungs and dancing to the pulsating rhythm of the track with heavy its grooves. 

Their tireless gigging and extraordinary live shows have put them on the map and it will be exciting to see what more they have to offer in the future.


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