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Discover new Geordie Indie trio Bear Park!

Geordie Indie Rock trio Bear Park are back with their brand new single ‘Keep On Smiling’, an anthemic and upbeat Indie banger which sounds reminiscent of a happy final scene of an English teen drama.

The song radiates positivity and bounces along happily for a delightful 3 minutes, taking you on a journey of young love, through the impressive lyricism of the band’s lead singer Shay Bagnall. The words used in this track portray such a delicate touch which resonates with the storytelling aspect of this song and the themes of young love. The phrase "progressed from the T-shirt and now I wear the sweatshirt" sums this up perfectly. It simultaneously provokes nostalgia, for teenage romance and the ‘honeymoon’ period of a relationship.


In terms of the instrumentation on this track, the jangly guitar tone matched with the punchy drums gives the song a real drive but at the same time provides a warm layer and space for Bagnall’s delicate lyricism. The song drives from the first second, with the infectious guitar riff instantly hooking the listener in. Throughout the duration of this song, you can’t help but well… smile.


This is the second single released by the band, following the successful release of their 2023 single ‘Betty’. Both were produced by Gary Powell (The Libertines) and released on his own 25 Hour Convenience Store label.

Words by Toby Kean


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