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  • Saba Khorassani

Discover Merseyside's Indie Psych outfit Ambedo Blue!

Mersyside outfit Ambedo Blue set the bar high with their recent track 'Daddy’s Shoes', a charming and catchy psychedelic Indie track which is the stand out of their new EP 'Bet The Wet'. The four-part outfit describe their sound as “a melancholic trance in which you become absorbed in vivid sensory detail”, an apt commentary for this new single which offers a cleverly crafted and fully immersive sonic experience.

'Daddy’s Shoes' begins with an upbeat whistled tune, providing a funky prelude to the effortlessly catchy vocals. Lead singer Milo Richardson’s voice manages to at once convey both pathos and exuberance and, paired with the guitars and drums, brings zest and texture to the song. The journey of the track is anything but predictable, filled with crescendos where the instruments take centre-stage, and abrupt halts of the guitars, creating a quirky, exciting atmosphere for the vocals to rest on. The lyrics are melancholy and yet sung with something of a lively confidence, intriguing and tempting the listener to have the song on repeat.


Though Ambedo Blue are just getting started with their sound, they are certainly not one to miss.


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