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Discover Manchester's brightest new rising star, Chloe Slater!

20-year-old Manchester rising Alternative star, Chloe Slater, returns to paint a damming reflection on modern-day society in her brand new single ‘Nothing Shines on This Island’, taken from her Debut EP ‘You Can’t Put A Price On Fun’ which is out on May 23rd.


Her latest release tackles the issues of a post-Brexit Britain and the disassociation that young people feel with the current government and modernity in general. The track is an explosive Alt Rock anthem that showcases Slater’s powerful yet poetic lyricism. Slater’s witty take on the current society is fantastic and hits the mark perfectly. Her ability to perfectly articulate the frustration that the younger generation feels with the modern-day British political battleground is remarkable.


The tongue-in-cheek nature of her lyricism is fantastically accurate and sums up the gloomy atmosphere that the modern youth feel with the right-wing culture, as shown through the phrase "You don't need doctors that are government assisted, I'd never catch you in a jumper off of vinted". This remarkable lyricism is matched with instrumentation that is so hard hitting, it will leave you feeling like you have just been hit with a firm, musical uppercut.


As she moves forward to the release of her debut EP, this song will act as a battle cry for the modern-day youth, who feel outcasted and side-lined, to come together and rally for change; hopefully resulting in the sun shining on this island once again. 


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