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Chris Noah delivers more irresistible melodies on new singles 'Only Yours' and 'Take A Minute'!

Latvian solo artist Chris Noah has to be one of our favourite European discoveries as his smooth, soaring vocals and Pop orientated melodies are irresistibly catchy. He had already been building a solid fan base thanks to his thoughtful songwriting and knack for earworming guitar lines on tracks like 'Fall Through' and 'Spark' before he took things to another level on 'Sunboy', dealing out a wave of sunshine euphoria that you can't ignore! Now, he has returned in 2023 with two new singles that are just as infectious.

'Only Yours' plays off a retro synth style with big 80s chords and distant drum sounds before diving into a euphoric Pop sound led by his passionate vocals. It is one of those tracks where every single line feels like it's only mini chorus and makes you want to sing every word back at full pelt. The background vocal hooks add more layers of melodic interest as synths and vocal intertwine in slick harmony. This is a huge hit that you won't be able to get out of your head!

Then, his latest release 'Take A Minute' takes things more steady energy-wise as he leaves more room for his performative swagger to ooze through the speakers. His refined Pop vocal flair is there for all to hear as those mini-choruses pepper the verses again in a style comparable to Harry Styles' more vibey tracks. The chorus is smooth and swinging, perfect for a carefree summer day trip. With his combination of appealingly clean vocals and constant hits of unforgettable melody Chris Noah is one of Europe's most promising Pop songwriters.


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