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Chicago's Friday Pilots Club tease new EP with emotive single 'Never Say No'

Chicago-based Friday Pilots Club embodies a modern take on indie-rock in their new single ‘Never Say No’. The heart-breaking tune contains everything a music lover can want with its perfectly entangled melody. Filled to the brim with moving and sincere lyricism of ending a toxic relationship, the bittersweet song will tap into its listeners hearts.

Classically trained Drew Polovick composes a, seemingly, mellow instrumental, encompassing elements of electric and acoustic guitar that dip in and out of one another before combining in an explosion of emotion half way through the 4-minute song. The sound flows and harmonises exquisitely with vocalist Caleb Hiltunen's fiery, driven voice that pays homage to their previous rock tunes.

Featuring on their upcoming EP ‘I LOVE YOU ROBOT SUPERSTAR!’, ‘Never Say No’ is a deeply moving piece that will leave you with anticipation for what’s to come from the five-piece Alternative Rock band.


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